Is Facebook More Important to Your Business Than You Think?

The following post is written by Eric Taylor, a freelance writer and
business developer for Qwaya, a Facebook ad management tool.  Qwaya
provides powerful features for online advertisers and social media
marketers world-wide.

It is 2012, about to coast quickly into 2013, and practically everyone with an Internet connection has a Facebook profile. The largest social networking site with room to spare, Facebook has blown past the billion-user mark and continues to rack up enthusiastic members. And while the whole Mayan 2012 thing might be a myth, it’s no fable that having a strong Facebook presence matters a great deal to your brand.

Do you have a solid business Facebook page? If the answer is no, you may want to reconsider. Not convinced that Facebook matters that much for businesses? Well, maybe not if you’re already established and already extremely successful. For everyone else, though, Facebook matters.

Here are 4 reasons why:

Filling a Spot
Hold on — I’m not saying that your business page is nothing but a placeholder in your niche. But you do have to realize that unless you are filling this particular spot in your niche, it will probably go to someone else. Can you afford to have another brand become synonymous with what you’re offering as a business? A strong, active Facebook presence can ensure that your brand is the one that becomes synonymous with your niche.

Image Upkeep
A Facebook business page provides a huge opportunity to perform constant PR (public relations).  Conventional forms of advertising and information sharing, even looking at some Internet-based image boosters, are extremely slow when compared to Facebook. If there is something you want someone to know about your brand, you can instantly say it and say it repeatedly. Any new news, product reports, service changes, etc, you can paint the picture quickly.

Hitting the Mobile Market
The 1,000,000,000 number might seem incredibly large when you think about Facebook’s population, but you would have to multiply that number by four to get the total amount of mobile technology users out there. That’s mobile users on every continent (yes, even Antarctica, believe it or not!), and the ones who aren’t using Facebook yet are likely to start in the near future. Developing a strong presence now puts you in a fantastic position as the site’s numbers explode.

Touching Every Demographic
Is your business expanding beyond its’ original niche?  Advertising on Facebook is cost efficient and many advanced third-party apps can help you target every possible demographic — but only if you have a Facebook presence. Growing your business past your niche now and, at the least, developing a much larger list of contacts is something every small to mid-sized business is striving for.  It’s convenient that one social network houses so many potential contacts.  You just have to target them.

There is no shortage of best practices information available on how to use Facebook correctly.  Whether or not you put stock in the many different tips and tactics is a personal call.  However, one thing remains the same:  You first have to develop a presence on Facebook (preferably a strong one).

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