Facebook Insights: Metrics Cheat Sheet

Last month I wrote an article for Marketing Land on three interesting metrics that can be calculated using data from Facebook Insights:  Average Organic Reach Per Post, Average Engagement Per Post, and Engagements Per Engaged User.  These are simple examples that illustrate what is possible with the data provided by Facebook.  With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can get much more out of Facebook data than what you see in the Insights interface.

There are three ways to access data provided by Facebook:  1.) The Insights Report (located in the Admin panel of your Timeline); 2.) The Export function (click the Export button at the top right of each Insights report); 3.) the Facebook API.

The API offers more data than Insights.  Unfortunately, naming conventions vary between these sources (sometimes slightly, sometimes dramatically), which can make conversations between marketers (who are accustomed to the Insights interface) and analysts (who often reference API data) very frustrating.   So we created a handy cheat sheet that matches up metric names and provides a complete list of what is available from the different sources.

Our Facebook Analytics Cheat Sheet includes Page Level Metrics, Post Level Metrics, and a set of metrics that are available through the API, but not in Insights.   It looks like this:

We hope this little cheat sheet helps to prevent frustrating (and occasionally violent) communications clashes between marketers, analysts, and developers.  Enjoy!

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