Manage Your Campaign URLs with Social Snap’s New URL Builder Tool

Properly tracking digital marketing campaigns is critical to understanding their success. Without appropriate tracking, you are left either trying to piece data together or staring into a black hole with no true insights into the campaigns impact.

Having solid tracking in place for a given campaign is only half the battle.  Maintaining clean and accurate campaign data across many campaigns where multiple users are responsible for the various campaigns makes the complexity exponentially greater.

There is nothing worse than logging into the campaigns section of your web analytics tool to see campaign sources that should be the same, but have been given different names by different users.  For example, campaigns that are being run on Facebook may have been given the following source names by different users who are managing the various campaigns.

  • Facebook
  • facebook

While these should all be considered part of the same source, they instead have separate rows in the reports which makes reporting and analysis much more difficult.  The same issues can arise when looking at campaign names or mediums.

Today we are announcing a new Campaign URL Tracking tool that greatly enhances the capabilities of the Google Analytics URL Builder tool and will allow your organization to track and maintain all campaign URL parameters and ensure clean and accurate reporting. Best of all, we are offering the tool for free to all organizations.

The new tool offers a number of key benefits that we know organizations will find valuable.

  1. Manage URL Parameters – The availability of URL parameters can be restricted to ensure that different users can not create new parameters that are already represented by a parameter that is in the system
  2. Store All Long and Short Form Campaign URLs – Every new URL can be shortened using or  Each new campaign URL, both long and short form, is then stored in the system in an easily searchable table
  3. Track Who has Created Each New URL – The system allows you to keep an audit trail of the user has created each campaign URL
  4. Multiple Account Users and Administrator Control – Each organization or brand account can have one or more administrators.  Administrators can add or remove account users.  They also control which campaign parameters are available for users to pick from.  This ensures that campaign parameters are standardized across the organization

These key features of the tool will ensure that your organization has clean and accurate campaign data in Google Analytics which will significantly reduce the headaches associated with trying to piece together data to determine the success or failure of campaigns.

Sign up for free today and let us know what you think.

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